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"The translations we received from Tech-Trans were not only convincing from the language point of view, but also in respect of the technical content. In addition the special XML environment was quickly and effectievly adopted for use in translating."
Werner Broermann, Ex-Marketing Manager, Compart AG

"Tech-Trans translated our presentations accurately and in time for a conference the following day."
Petr Kvapil Solutions Manager, DocuCom

"I got around to looking at the translation today and I am thrilled!!"
Michael Straub, DESERTEC

Some of our references include:

Activa Corn AG & Partners - Website

AMC Network - Reports and Presentations

Cocoasoft d.d.o. - Mobile Games (Review)

Compart Systems - Press Releases, Customer Newsletter and Webpages

DESERTEC - Project Brochure

DocuCom - Presentations

Eurodebit AG - Webpages

Huggenberger AG - User's Guide

Insider Informatik - User's Guides

Internet Solutions VTX - User's Guide

Patrick Mollet - PhD Dissertation

Renggli AG - Company Brochure, Website Pages, Contracts

Musqueteers - Company Brochure - Game Documentation

Pharmapart AG - Website, Press Releases and Job Offers

Straintec - Offers

triM s.r.o. - Webpages

Agentur Van Essel - Website, Brochures, Datasheets and In-flight Magazine

Walder und Trüb Engineering AG - Software Application

Salmon Comback! Campaign - Website Translations

European River Network - Website Translations

WWF Switzerland - Documents

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