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How we Translate

We believe translation to be a part of a communication process. A process which puts the receiver, or consumer of the final document firmly in the center of focus.

We are specialized in translations from German into English. This specialization brings with it a number of both issues and solutions to those issues that we have developed over the years through interaction with clients and their customers.

Direct Translation

The goal of technical translations is to communicate technical information originally written in one language and make it accessible to native speakers in another language. The style and presentation should make understanding of these ideas and information easy for the individual reading the material.

Based on our experience, a direct translation may not be appropriate.

It is not the words that need to be translated, but the meaning.

Quality Control

Translating invariably shows up errors and misunderstandings in the original text. We return these to the client for clarification.

Understanding the material

To create material with the correct meaning requires that the translator understands fully the process, product or service being described. Either we have this expertise, or we need to become educated. This means it may be necessary for us to discuss with people in your organization.

Translate or simply Rewrite?

We write with the specific goal of making the work easily accessible to a native English speaker. This can involve considerable re-writing.

Experiments have shown the value of this approach. An German text easily understood by a German reader may mystify an English reader if directly translated. Missing cultural differences in translations may cause a lot of trouble; the text may become ambiguous and unclear.

US English or British English?

While most people probably don't care and may not even catch the difference between "organization" and "organisation", it is estimated that the majority of people reading English will have been exposed to the US variety and thus US spelling.

So, unless a document is specifically targeted (targetted) at the British or ex-colonial market, it would be normal to use the US spell checker and US usage and style on final versions of any material.

In Summary

Good technical translators do not simply translate the original text, but rewrite in their mother-tongue, keeping the original information but thinking as a communicator. (How can the subject be presented to the native English speaker?)


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